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Rates & Conditions

Rates and fees for our Services can be seen below. To see our PSA Approved Contract along with terms and conditions, please click on this link (opens in a new window for ease of printing).

Technician/Operator Rates

Daily Rate

From £180/£200 based upon a 10/12hr day respectively. Please contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Overtime at 1.5 hourly rate or half day (Not inclusive of any travel costs).

Any overnight accommodation (B&B) paid where required.
Travel costs covered OR travel time charged at standard hourly rate.
Minimum day call rate: £180 plus expenses.
Sundays: 2x standard day rate.
Mileage: Charged at 33p/mile Inland Revenue Approved Mileage Rates (IRAMR).
General crew/drivers at £150/day or £10/hour.

Cancellation Fees
8 days+ 50% of full amount of contract/daily rates
4–7 days 75% of full amount of contract/daily rates
1–3 days 100% of daily rate plus any incurred costs
Payment of Accounts Strictly 30 days consecutive work not undertaken without prior invoices being cleared.